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Registration Page for 2014 SDP Annual Meeting


After you submit the registration information below, you will need to pay your registration fee. You can do so by credit card or by check. Please indicate which method of payment you will use before you submit. Details for both types of payments are outlined below the registration form. 
You need to submit only the *required information on the form, but please consider completing all the information if your address or phone number has changed within the last year.


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If you have problems with registration or the payment process, call Linda at 850-206-4608.



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NOTE: Registration fees paid NOW, after the October ? deadline, will not include the banquet or any other meals.



It is now past the October ? deadline to reserve a place at the awards banquet.  However, you may still attend the awards portion of the session after the meal.                                                                  



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CEs, of course, are not needed by everyone, but those who do need them can pay at any time - now, sometime before the conference, or onsite.



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When you hit "Submit," the above information will be sent to SDP as your official registration form for 2013. Hitting "Submit" will also take you to another page to begin the payment process.                                 





IF YOU WISH TO PAY BY CHECK, you may ignore the shopping cart instructions that will appear when you hit submit. Just make your check payable to The Pelican Enterprise, LLC, and mail it to the following address: Panhandle Learning Institute, c/o The Pelican Enterprise, LLC, P.O. Box 7084, Pensacola, FL 32534.


IF YOU WISH TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD, the submit button will send you to a catalog page. You can then add your choice(s) above to your shopping cart. When you check out, you will be taken to the PayPal page of The Pelican Enterprise, LLC. You can then pay your fee with your PayPal account OR with your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. (To use your card, just click on the link that says, "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" This will NOT require you to open a PayPal account.)  

Registration Fees for Society for Descriptive Psychology (SDP) Annual Meeting:
FEES MAY BE REVISED FOR 2014 - 2014 dates are October 23-26 in Golden, CO
1. $270 - SDP Early Registration - Member - October 17-20, 2013 - banquet, lunches no longer included
2. $300 - SDP Early Registration - Non-Member - October 17-20, 2013 - banquet, lunches no longer included
3. $160 - SDP Registration - Student Member - October 17-20, 2013 - banquet, lunches no longer included
4. $180 - SDP Registration - Student Non-Member - October 17-20, 2013 - banquet, lunches no longer included
5. Student Presenters do not pay a fee for registration or the banquet.
Registration fees paid AFTER October 7, 2013, will not include the banquet or any other meals. 
Banquet Fee for Guests - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  $80 per adult
  $40 per child
Registration Fees for Preconference Workshops:
1. $35 - Preconference Workshop #1 - Member - October 17, 2013
2. $35 - Preconference Workshop #2 - Member - October 17, 2013
3. $60 - Both Preconference Workshops - Member - October 17, 2013
4. $45 - Preconference Workshop #1 - Non-Member - October 17, 2013
5. $45 - Preconference Workshop #2- Non-Member - October 17, 2013
6. $80 - Both Preconference Workshops - Non-Member - October 17, 2013                                      
Fees for Continuing Education Credits:
Fees for Continuing Education (CE) Credits (which are in addition to SDP registration fees) can be added to shopping cart when you pay for registration or can be paid for with a separate transaction using the form above:                                                    
1. $10 - 3.5 CE Credits - Preconference Workshop #1 - October 17, 2013
2. $10 - 3.5 CE Credits - Preconference Workshop #2 - October 17, 2013
3. $20 - 7 CE Credits - Both Preconference Workshops - October 20, 2013
4. $ 5 - 1.5 CE Credits - First Conference Session only - October 20, 2013
5. $10 - Any one day of CE sessions at SDP Conference
6. $20 - All CE sessions at SDP Conference (except Preconference Workshops) - October 17-20, 2013
7. $40 - All CE sessions at SDP Conference AND Preconference Workshops - October 17-20, 2013